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So my dilemma is that possible to load the stepper motor library instead od servo library also in pinmode for motor from the sketch. I shall be thankful if you could possibly explain to me the chances. Thank you.

In vivado axi slave ip is in verilog, could you give me some recommendations how am i able to connect my vhdl logic to axi slave complete.

Decreased the compilation time for some Intel® HLS Compiler patterns that comprise loops that don't include memory accesses or that don't include load-shops.

FPGA client driver (FCD) and update of mounted packages occur even though the BSP doesn't give an installation script. It's essential to then run the aocl set up command right after organising your board, even if the BSP installs the board driver as a result of suggests apart from the aocl set up command.

استاد اگه می تونید در مورد نحوه طراحی بردهای فرکانس بالا برای اف پی جی یک راهنمایی بکنید تشکر

Learn the way to construct a predictive analytics software and place it into output utilizing MATLAB and Simulink. The keep track of also concentrates on techniques in MATLAB for processing massive information and finishing up numerical optimization.

salam. bale fekre khoobie. deghghat konin ke electronic e digital faghat ye abzaare baraye een ke kare aslio pish bebarim. be onvane abzaar behtarin va successful tarin estefade ro albatte bayad azash bokonim.

Hello. I dont see why we must always use an fpga for this kind of project, when a fantastic micro-controller like i.MX6 can carry out the endeavor conveniently.

man daneshjuye arshade electronicam vali hanuz industry karim tu payanname moshakhas nashode, mikhastam nazaretunu beporsam da in mored … albatte be Info Converter ham alage mandam va gerayehe takhassosi daneshgaham hast(urmia microelectronic his explanation lab.)

Generally 1st start with computer software enhancement following that components. Very first test to find out ways to use an ARM centered processor or microcontroller as part of your project.

Dar vaghe, badane-ye algorithm tavassote cpu ejraa mishe, va az fpga be onvane hardware accelerator estefade mishe baraye kar haaye mesle mohasebate matris ee va … een ye project e khoob khahad bood.

What could well be the best way to research and work? Are there any very good on line courses which will help me attain my goals?

سوال دارند می تونند به بنده ایمیل بزنند تا راهنماییشون کنم

I have an incredibly significant C/C++ software program project in Visible Studio and Eclipse. There are a few 3rd party application in the form of SIMULINK models. Could it be at present doable to:

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